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NBE 2024 Educational Grant

NBE is now accepting applications for the 2024 educational grant for echocardiography examinations!

Grant Description

The program will provide 4 (four) grants per examination (CCEeXAM®, ASCeXAM®, Advanced PTEeXAM®, and Basic PTE®) to first-time candidates taking one of the initial examinations for the first time.

Award recipients will be required to submit payment receipts to receive reimbursement for the cost of examination registration.

Deadline to apply: December 29, 2023, for the CCEeXAM® and July 2, 2024, for ASCeXAM®, Advanced PTEeXAM® and Basic PTE® examinations.

If your application is accepted, grant monies will be awarded after examinations are taken.

Click here to learn more about NBE’s Educational Grant!

*Note* We are accepting grant applications for domestic and international residents.

Please click here to apply for the NBE educational grant!