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Certification Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions

Do I have to provide all the documents for certification at the same time I apply to take the examination?

No. You may submit the certification application and supporting documentation for certification at any time. However, it is recommended that you complete the examination application first.

Do I have to advise NBE of my mailing or email address changes?

Yes, You may notify the NBE of any changes to your personal contact information. You may notify the NBE by logging into your account at or sending an email to

What is the difference between being a Testamur and being Certified in Echocardiography?

The title of “Testamur” is designated for successfully passing the Examination of Special Competence. This designation was chosen since applicants were not requested to supply information regarding successful completion of training dedicated to the study of Cardiovascular Disease nor completion of special training in echocardiography. Physicians who are certified in Echocardiography have provided documentation of their education and level of service, and satisfy the other requirements set by the NBE in addition to passing the examination. The title of “Diplomate” is designated for physicians who are certified in echocardiography and certification is valid for ten (10) years from the year that the Examination of Special Competence was passed.

Why should I apply for Recertification?

Due to the many advances that occur in any field during the span of a decade, the NBE has always recognized that a set of criteria to define special competence (certification/testamur status) would likely be valid for only 10 years. Therefore, recertification is recommended to demonstrate continued mastery of the knowledge base of echocardiography as well as familiarity with the techniques and applications that have appeared during the ten year period since taking the original examination. In addition to a recertification examination this includes evidence of continued clinical activity and post graduate medical education in echocardiography.

I applied for Certification when I applied to take the exam, when will I know if I am Certified?

Since Certification is dependent on passing the Examination of Special Competence or the Recertification Examination, applications for Certification are reviewed after the examination has been satisfactorily completed. You should receive notification of the decision of the Certification Committee within a year.