How do I?

Certification General Instructions

Please take a moment to review the appropriate handbook for detail instructions, pathways, and requirements for certification. Certification handbooks can be found in our Resource Library.

Instructions to Create a New Application:

Please log in to your account, using your eight(8) digit NBE ID number including leading zeroes. If you are unable to recall your
account information, please do not create a new account and reach out to us via for your account log in
and password. If there have been any additional changes to your account, such as email address please also clarify these
additional changes. Once you can log in to your account, you will need to:

  1. Select “Certification application” from the top right of the screen within your dashboard.
  2. A box will drop down that lists all certification application types.
  3. Please select the appropriate certification where you will need to upload your documents.
  4. Upon selecting your certification application type, you will click blue button to create a “Create a New Application”.
  5. You will need to answer a few demographic questions and upload the required documents in PDF format.
  6. Once you have uploaded all documents. You will attest that all uploaded documents are true and accurate, and then select the
    blue submit button on the “Application Summary” tab. Upon submission of your application to the NBE, you will receive an
    email stating that we have received your documents and that they will be reviewed in the order in which they have been received.
  7. From the time in which we receive your documents to the time in which we will review them, this can take about two weeks to a
  8. Upon the completion of reviewing your application you will receive one of two notifications:
    a. A notification asking for more information/documentation and notes that outline what is needed. These notes will be
    found within your application on your account dashboard.
    b. A notification that indicates your application has been moved into stage two review or into the upcoming review by the
    certification committee.
  9. Once the certification committee has completed their review, then additional communication will be made via email indicating
    the status of your application and will also be reflected on your account dashboard, and NBE Physicians verification (Only for
    approved applicants. All other will not be reflected on the verification website).
  10. If your application is approved, you will find a printable certificate available to you on your account dashboard. Since we have
    gone paperless, we will not be printing the certificate for you. If you wish to have a hardcopy of your certificate you can print it
    yourself or take the PDF version of the certificate to a location that can print it for you (FedEx, Staples, etc.)

Handbooks for all Certification Programs