NBE Exam Tutorial

NBE Exam Tutorial for the new Computer-Based Testing:

Download the appropriate NBE Exam Tutorial and familiarize yourself with the NBE's new computer-based testing. If you do not have administrator rights to the computer you are using, you may need to inquire with your system administrator about installing the program or try installing the NBE Orientation on your personal computer.

**Please note that these tutorials are not intended as an exam study aide. The tutorials are only intended to help you become familiar with how the exam will appear on the computer and to help you understand how to navigate through the exam.

Please review these instructions before downloading the tutorial:

Download the Basic PTEeXAM Tutorial (Basic PTE):

Download Tutorial

Download Basic PTEeXAM 2014 Tutorial Instructions (pdf).


Download the Advanced PTEeXAM/RePTE Tutorial:

Download Tutorial

Download Advanced PTE and RePTE 2015 Tutorial Instructions (pdf).


Download the ASCeXAM/ReASCE Tutorial:

Download Tutorial

Download ASCeXAM and ReASC Tutorial Instructions (pdf).

System and Software Requirements
  •  Windows® 2000, XP, Vista®, or 7 with administrator privileges
  •  Intel® Pentium® or higher processor recommended
  •  1 GHz or higher
  •  512 MB RAM or higher
  •  100 MB available on the hard drive
  •  8x or higher CD-ROM drive
  •  Mouse
  •  Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0 or 8.0
  •  Windows® Media Player
  •  Adobe® Acrobat® Reader®
  •  Adobe® Flash® Player, 8.0 or higher
  •  Color display set to 24-Bit or True Color
  •  Resolution set to 1024 x 768 (or higher)
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