Advanced PTEeXAM Certification

Certification Committee: 
For those who have already passed the Advanced PTEeXAM and wish to apply for certification, you can submit your application at any time.

Note: For those interested in taking the Advanced PTEeXAM: The practice experience pathway will not be available to those finishing their core residency training after June 30, 2009. Use our UPDATED sample letters to document your training or level of service. A Sample Case Log for PTE Examinations Studied but NOT performed during Cardiovascular Anesthesiology Fellowship is also now available.

For the purpose of certification by the NBE, a perioperative TEE is defined as:

  1. A TEE performed during a surgical operation (intraoperative), or
  2. A TEE performed after surgery on a patient who has a surgical operation during the same hospitalization (post-operative), or
  3. A TEE performed before surgery on a patient who had a surgical operation during the same hopitalization (pre-operative).


Note that diagnostic TEEs performed on patients not having a surgical operation,e.g. to rule out thrombus before a cardioversion or ablation, or to rule out a cardiac source of embolus, are not considered to be perioperative and cannot be used for clarification.

For physicians who have already passed the Advanced PTEeXAM, please refer to the Advanced PTE Certification Application to apply for certification. 

To have your certification application considered at the next Advanced PTE/RePTE Certification Committee meeting, your complete application  can be submitted at anytime. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed by the committee.


Download Sample Letter for Practice Experience Pathway

Download Sample Letter for Supervised Training Pathway

Download Sample Log (Cases Studied But Did Not Perform)

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